CC Logo  Since I’d rather not bore potential readers (that would be you!) with a standard author bio, written awkwardly in third person, check out some facts about me.

My Favorites

Trevi Fountain

Fontana di Trevi
The husband and I visited Rome on our honeymoon in 2007. We had a wonderful time and probably gained ten pounds each.


St. Peters

St. Peter’s Basillica

I’m not overly religious, but I was born into the Roman Catholic church so visiting the Vatican was a must. I didn’t count on it being such a moving experience. Even if you’re not Catholic, you can’t help but be impressed by the impossible size of the Vatican and the sheer beauty. The treasures inside are incalculable.

Basillica ceiling

Bay of Naples


I took this picture from the balcony of the hotel we stayed at in Sorrento. The worst hotel in the world, incidentally. But the view was stunning.

Where are you from?


Well, technically, my mother and father. I grew up in Queens, New York in a loud, obnoxious, passionate Italian family. All those “you know you’re Italian if” memes you see on Social Media – well, they’re true.

Did you intentionally give one of your characters a similar background to your own?


Yes. I like the idea of giving a character relatable details. It makes them seem more real. When you first develop a character, it’s all details on paper, maybe a certain body type, hair color, etc and a few personality traits. Injecting some details of a place I know well helps me make a character more rounded and real.

 Do you speak Italian?


Yes, a little. I grew up in a mafia neighborhood, just like Veronica Harper. John Gotti was head of the Gambino crime family so it was part of my daily life. My grandparents spoke Italian so I learned at home and in school. It came in handy when I went to Rome on my honeymoon! My husband got us lost and I had to ask for directions. And read the menus, and read the signs in the Metro. And, well, just about everything.

 Is writing your day job?


Yes, at the moment. I stopped working when my first child was born.  I was in IT for many years, starting when I was in the USAF. I moved on to civilian companies, working in the USA and in Europe. Once I became the unofficial technical support agent for my entire family, I decided to get out of the IT business. I’m interested in changing careers, into Radiology Technician. That’s about as far away from IT Geek as I can get.

 What are your inspirations?

There are so many. I get ideas from other books, movies, television and songs. One book idea I came up with is based on the song, Smooth Operator, by Sade. Yeah, remember her? No, she’s not dead. And yeah, I’m an 80’s baby.

 What are your hobbies?

Beside writing, I’m an amateur genealogist. I started tracing my family history in 1999. I started out with a list of about 36 names from both sides of the family and it became a lifelong hobby. It grew rapidly, and there’s at least 40,000 names in my database now. Parts of my family date back to King John and my husband’s family goes back even further. He’s a Mayflower descendant, and his ancestors trace back to Charlemagne. I also dabble in graphic arts. I’ve been using Photoshop since version 2…and I don’t mean CS2. I mean the on floppy disc, the second version ever of photoshop. Yeah. I’m that old.

 Do you have any pets?

Yes. I have two. One is 35 years old, loves Xbox and….Oh, wait. You meant the furry kind.
We currently have one cat. She’s getting up there in age so my son is counting the days until he can get a puppy.